Testimonials 2015

C-8, Madras Road,
Neyveli-607801, Tamilnadu, India.

12th June 2015

Mr.A.Joseph Felix,
Good Sheperd Tourism,

Dear Mr. Joseph Felix,

I write this letter of appreciation to show how happy I was at the pilgrimage-May 18-May 27-
Tour of Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

First , I would like to applaud you for your well thought out tour arrangements and cosy stays at first class hotels. Also I remember the cap and bag you provided to every member of the tour party. Those were very helpful indeed during the travel.
Our flights were very comfortable and hospitality was superb. We really enjoyed the sacred places we visited with solemn prayers and timely masses by the Rev. Fr. Ratchakar from Neyveli and Rev.Fr. Dominic Rosario from Puducherry.
Ascending the mount Sinai in the dead of night had been an unique experience for us. Boat rides and cultural programmes that followed were mesmerizing. The cable car ride was also very enjoyable. And the guide who accompanied us was a very knowledgeable person who told the true history of each and every biblical places we visited. Without him, we could have been very ignorant about the historical importance of the places.
It is worth mentioning the efforts you took even when someone fell suddenly ill. One fellow traveller felt so sick and he was well managed by Mr. Joe with the help of a doctor in the tour party. It was really amazing.
The food was very appealing to the stomach though some may felt they are very meagre in taste for our south Indian palates. But the food was very healthy and nourishing. Tour schedule was very well planned and every contingency was carried out very well.
Last but not the least, the money we spent for the tour is very cheap indeed. I think “Good shepherd Tourism “ is really well worth the money .
I pray that God may shower you with earthly as well as heavenly riches.


EXECUTIVE ENGINEER(Retd) Dt. 06/06/2015

Dear Joseph Felix
Hope this letter will find you in good health and cheers
The sweet memories of the holy land tour during May 2015 is still in our hearts. We thank you for giving us an oppurtunity to visit the holy places connected with our Lord Jesus Christ and the places in old testament in the bible. We really appriciate the arrangements made during the tour such as boarding, lodging and for the internal travel by bus .. Eventhough we have to cover a lot of places in a day, the timings are well planned in such a way that there was no tirednes at the end of the day. The guide was also very knowedgeable person who explains the detail of every places with reference to the bible. Your arrangements for the tour made us to ask you whether you are arranging tour to Lourdes,Rome etc

Thanking you once again

John Pancras
Amala Elizabeth

No. 125, La France Villa,
Pillyarkuppam, Bahour Commune,
Puducherry – 607402
Ph: 9894269660.
Letter of Appreciation

My Family and I were part of the group of pilgrims who visited the Holy Places in Egypt, Israel and Jordan during the period 17th to 27th May, 2015 at the Holy Land tour organised by Mr. Joseph Felix of Good Shepherd Tourism, Tindivanam. This letter is issued in appreciation of the wonderful service rendered by him.

The planning was meticulous and the trip was more than the worth of the money.

He had organised the accommodation and food in beautiful star hotels to our satisfaction which gave the required rest, energy and vigour to go around every place.

His choice of guides was good and they were able to explain to the travellers well about the places visited.

The way he had organised the tour and the satisfaction we derived clearly showed his intention towards religion, and it definitely outweighs commercial interest.

In commendation of his services we give this letter of appreciation and hope many may get kindled and visit the Holy Land.

I wish he organizes many such tours and for the benefit of the peoples spirituality. My family and I wish him success in all his such endeavours.

Yours sincerely,

Samanth Christi
Herbert Elsi
Sonia Theres

CUDDALORE - 608703
CELL: 9361121619.


9th June, 2015

Dear Felix,

I Mr.Thomas Sampath who was a participant in your holy tour is very glad to give a feedback for your encouragement and betterment of your tour arrangements

FLIGHT JOURNEY ethaid airways was very comfortable with good food and hospitality. Very safe and happy flight journey

GUIDE was very impressive who knows so many languages and who has good bible knowledge and he was giving good information about bible and places we visited

BUS though we had long bus travel..I was very worried about my backpain but since the bus was so comfortable and luxurious I din realise that journey was so long and it was a tireless journey

BOARDING , LODGING AND FOOD. ..all hotels and every meal was upto the mark and had good experience and enjoyed the comforts

SIGHT VISITS ..since everywhere was strict in time we able to visit all places as mentioned and did not miss anything due to strict time management and also u gave separate time for shopping

DAILY MASS...priest giving everyday mass was so spiritual and there was a meaningful holy tour by attending daily mass

NEGATIVE COMMENT....one negative feedback to suggest that you will not repeat it again...Please make the persons to stand according to serial number during emigration check so that time consumption will be less and also without any confusions

Thanks for a unforgettable holy tour and I wish you all success in your forthcoming yearly tour arrangements

God bless!!!