Appreciation Letter

I and my wife were part of the group of travelers who visited the Holy Places in Egypt, Israel and Jordan during the period 10th to 21st May, 2013 at the Holy Land tour organised by Mr. Joseph Felix of Good Shepherd Tourism, Tindivanam. This letter is issued in appreciation of the yeomen services rendered by him.

He had organised the tour in such a way that no day is wasted, and within the given time most of the places are visited and thereby the purpose of the tour was achieved.

He had organised the accommodation and food to the best of his ability and to our satisfaction which gave the required rest, energy and vigor to go around every place.

He had organised good Guides - one of the most important requirements in every tour of such nature - who were able to explain the travelers well about the places visited.

The way he had organised the tour and the satisfaction we derived clearly showed his intention towards religion, and it definitely outweighs commercial interest.

In commendation of his services we give this letter of appreciation and hope many may get kindled and visit the Holy Land.

I wish he organizes many such tours and make people more spiritual. I along with my wife wish him success in all his such endeavors.

M.J.S. Ashok and Agnes Mary
Rainbow Nagar, Pondicherry